Lydell NYC

Lydell NYC
Lydell NYC was founded in 1992 by two partners, Michelle and Ana who aspired to create Fashion Jewelry that was trend driven but was also that most women would feel there is strong attention to detail in all products, whether, using innovative clasps or unique materials.

Michelle and Ana were orginally inspired by Runway shows and the Antique markets they visisted in London, Paris and Milan. They continued to be inspired by these as well as what is happening on the streets of New York and L.A. and by our multi-media society.

The inspiration dictates the materials that are used. One month this may be semi-precious beads or metal, wood or a combination. Whatever it is you can be assured that it is a wearable fashion!

When the company was founded it was available only at a handful of stores. Today Lydell NYC is available for purchase at better department stores in the United States, Europe and Japan. You will find celebrities outfitted in Lydell NYC as well as your next door neighbor.

Fashion Bliss loves Lydell NYC!
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